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SWMMBA continuously evolves as an organization to better serve our community. We are always focused on improving our organization. Talented and engaged staff help make that dream a reality. If you’re interested in working with a highly motivated and engaged Board of Directors in scenic Bozeman, MT while together we build the world’s best bike community, you’ve come to the right place.

SWMMBA started as an all-volunteer organization. From 2015 to 2019, a 10-person Board of Directors volunteered thousands of hours yearly to ensure SWMMBA best served mountain bikers in Southwestern Montana. We plan to continue that legacy, expecting strong Board support of all efforts in running our organization, but we can’t do it all. We hope you can help!

Check out any current openings below:

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Development Manager (Temporary)


The Development Manager is the most vocal supporter of SWMMBA’s mission, values, and work within the community. They are responsible for planning, organizing, and directing all SWMMBA’s fundraising including, the major gifts program, grants applications and tracking, monthly donors, fundraising events, and project fundraising.  The Manager works closely with the Executive Director and the Board of Directors in all development and fund-raising endeavors.

This is a part-time hourly position. We expect you to work up to 20 hours per week.


  • Must embrace the mission of SWMMBA: to enhance access to trails and advocate for mountain bikers in southwest Montana by engaging and educating the community, and building and maintaining trails.

  • Strong interpersonal and writing skills.

  • Have knowledge and experience in fundraising techniques, particularly major gift fundraising.

  • Possess the skills to work with and motivate other staff, board members, and volunteers.

  • Have the desire to get out of the office and build external relationships.

  • Be a “self-starter” and goal driven to initiate donor visits and fundraising calls.

  • Be organized and exhibit “follow through” on tasks and goals.

  • Display a positive attitude, show concern for people and community, demonstrate presence, self-confidence, common sense, and good listening ability.

  • A bachelor’s degree or equivalent development experience

  • 5 years minimum experience in professional fundraising, development, or equivalent involvement with organizations that exhibit SWMMBA’s fundraising goals.


  1. Meet prospective donors and supporters on a continual basis to establish effective communications with them.

  2. Grow a major gifts program including identification, cultivation, and solicitation of major donors.

  3. Oversee grant seeking including research, proposal writing, and reporting requirements.

  4. Build the monthly donor program with a focus on quantity of recurring donors.

  5. Direct mailings, annual fundraising drives, capital campaigns, and other major fundraising drives.

  6. Coordinate fundraising special events.

  7. Work closely with SWMMBA Executive Director, and Board of Directors.

  8. Make public appearances/accept speaking engagements to share information about SWMMBA with the community.

  9. Attend and assist with all Board Meetings and take a leading role in running Development Committee meetings.

  10. Oversee fundraising database, grants database, and associated tracking systems.

  11. Maintain and creatively expand gift recognition programs in a fiscally responsible manner.

  12. Demonstrate professional conduct at all times.

  13. Perform other related duties as requested by the Executive Director.


  1. Manager is expected to work 20 hours per week

  2. Manager will be compensated $20/hr for pay periods spaced 2 weeks apart from their date of hire through October 31st, 2019.

  3. There may be weeks in which it is anticipated that the work may extend beyond 20 hours in a week.  Any time worked beyond 20 hours must be discussed and pre-approved by the Executive Director.  Any overtime defined as more than 40 hours worked in a week will be compensated at 1 and ½ times the regular rate of pay.

Manager Goals:

  • Manager will aim to have, by August 1st, 2019:

    • More than 50 monthly recurring donors

    • More than 100 members

    • More than 20 license plates purchased

    • More than $20,000 donated to the general fund (outside of fundraising events) between May 1st and Aug 1st, 2019

  • Manager will aim to have, by November 1st, 2019:

    • More than 100 monthly recurring donors

    • More than 200 members

    • More than 40 license plates purchased

    • More than $40,000 donated to the general fund (outside of fundraising events) between Aug 1st and Nov 1st, 2019

Probationary Period:

This position is subject to a six-month probationary period. SWMMBA may terminate the Development Manager during this time for any reason or no reason.

Possible Extension of Employment:

There is the possibility that this position may be extended beyond October 31, 2019. This is a new position for SWMMBA and depending on the success of fundraising and development, SWMMBA may decide to extend the duration of this position. Any extension is in the sole discretion of the SWMMBA Board.

Interested? Apply Today!

Applications for this position close April 5th. To apply, email your updated resume to:
We will schedule an in-person interview with you within about a week of receiving your application.


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