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We’re enhancing access to trails and advocating for mountain bikers in southwest Montana by engaging and educating the community, and building and maintaining trails.


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In addition to maintaining existing trails in Southwest Montana, we also have a number of new projects in the works.

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In the summer of 2016, SWMMBA received recognition as an International Mountain Bike Association (IMBA) Chapter. As an IMBA Chapter, we're tasked with creating, enhancing, and preserving great mountain biking experiences. If you've ever been confronted by a trail sign that reads "NO BIKES" or visited an area where there's simply nowhere to ride then you know why IMBA's work is so vital. We care about trails and the environment by building sustainable trails and training land managers. Our network provides hundreds of thousands of hours of volunteer service and represents the interests of millions of cyclists. Locally, SWMMBA provides thousands of hours of trail maintenance, builds new trails, and advocates for your right to access public lands.



Individual and corporate donations help us to grow and improve. Your contribution will go directly to SWMMBA and provide funds that support trail building, advocacy, and maintenance in the immediate region.

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We’re member driven, so your membership directly contributes to these efforts. Join us! Support mountain biking in Southwestern Montana and help us build new trails, work on existing trails, and keep trails open to you!