Southwest Singletrack: SWMMBA Moves to FREE Membership

SWMMBA Membership is now FREE!

Group rides: one benefit of membership.

Group rides: one benefit of membership.

SWMMBA recently launched a membership drive and it’s FREE TO JOIN. Easy too.

Why should you? When SWMMBA meets with the Bureau of Land Management, the Forest Service, and other organizations to work on behalf of cyclists to create more trails for you to ride, “How many members?” is often the first question they ask. Think of it like voting. The more “votes,” i.e. members that SWMMBA has, the more success SWMMBA will have bringing you new trails and helping to maintain the ones you already love.

Unless you have paid membership dues to IMBA in the past two years or signed up since we opened membership on March 22nd, you are not currently a member. Signed a liability release at a trail work day? Awesome, yet that is completely separate and not membership. Do you follow us on Facebook and Instagram? Thanks! That’s also awesome, but you’re still not a member.

Sign up is easy, so cast your votes for more great mountain biking in southwest Montana today by hitting the link and joining. It only takes about five minutes and upon completion, you’ll feel really good because you’ll remember that more members = more trails. We mentioned it’s FREE, right? Free is our second favorite four-letter word, right after ride. Okay, maybe after bike and beer, as well.

Join today!